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1 Jumbo Cupcake Pan

6 Large eggs

6 Slices Turkey Meat (Sliced Thick)

4 Slices Turkey Bacon diced

1 Stalk Green Onion Sliced


1 Small Tomato

1/4 Cup Sliced Mushrooms

1/4 Cup Green Peppers

1/4 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Preheat Oven 350 degrees

Spray each cup of the pan with Non-Stick Spray and Fold the slices of Turkey in each cup to make the shape of a cupcake paper

Place the Sliced Green Onions in each of the Turkey bowls

Crack the eggs one by one and whisk each egg until they are perfectly mixed.

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The Reaper Team is proud to partner with OTE and their Power Traveller systems. We use these products all the time to stay charged up when we are on an Op. We use them to power everything including our iPhones, Cameras and laptops. OTE forms the backbone for the tech package that we roll out. This kit can take the punishment and deliver on its promises.

If you want to stay connected like the Reaper Team get yourselves some great gear from Outdoor Tactical Enterprises .

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A lot of people think that a knife is just for cutting. We all find out when using a knife it tends to be more of a tool. Yes, we cut line, tape, animal hide and ourselves, but when a screw is loose of something needs pried out, and we use our knife. This is why I wrote this Blog. In my experience from a childhood to now,

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Reaper Recipes: Karli’s Curry Sage and Butternut Squash Soup

Reaper Nation,

The Reaper Team is designating Fridays as “Food Fridays.” Every Friday we will be sharing some of our favorite recipes from the Reaper Kitchen. We will also be featuring some of our fans favorite recipes. Please feel free to submit your recipes to us. If we pick your recipe, you will receive a Reaper Prize package. Also, if you make one of our recipes let us know what you thought of it.

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Season 2 Preview

The Reaper Team is excited to announce that the second season of Reaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt is less than 2 weeks away from airing. April 1, 2013 at 1830 EST is the premiere. Here is a video that offers a sneak peak. T

This season is full of exciting Operations where the Reaper Team takes down targets all over CONUS (Continental United States of America).

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Gear Review: Smith Optics Elite

Reaper01 on Smith Optics Elite Sunglasses:

Protective eye wear is some of the most important gear I use. I choose Smith Optics because of the build quality and their gear is comfortable to wear. They have many styles of shooting glasses to choose from, goggles, Lo-pro with fan, Sun Glasses (ballistic), field and range kits. I have personally used the Aegis ARC Deluxe Kit, Tactical Regulator,

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Exploding Targets

Reaper-02 on the blog,

We are going to begin doing out normal content distribution today. The first ever piece of Reaper news comes from Reaper-01 and our FB page,

Date: 3-16-13

Reaper-01 decided to have some fun on the Range over the weekend. Anyone who knows the Reaper Team, knows that we take everything to the next level. Its not in us to simply “do” something.

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Season Two Airs April 1st

Season Two of Survive The Hunt will air Monday, April 1st on the Pursuit Channel. Look for repeat streaming of each episode here on after each initial airing.

Direct TV: channel 604 Pursuit Channel

Dish network: Channel 240 Hunt channel

Mondays 1830, Tuesdays 1100 and Saturdays 1230 all times EST

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How To: Fire in the Rain

Reaper01 on the Blog

Some say its impossible to start a Fire in the Rain. I say they are wrong and here is how I do it.

This is a step by step process of how to start a Fire in the Rain

1. First pick the driest, least windy area you can

Picking dry area: I look for overhangs,

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Desert Survival Tip: On Operation Alamo, we set out after the Aoudad Sheep. The location was 3 hours south west of San Antonio TX. The terrain is rouged; the climate is hot and dry. Temperatures ranged from 35deg at night to 104 during the day. We stayed in the field for 3 days and 2 nights. What a hunt it was. As you can see on the Aoudad hunt that aired,

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