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Guess What Reaper Nation?
As you know Pursuit Channel is the only full-time outdoor network that is available to 100% of satellite homes. Also, in efforts to further diversify and expand the reach, Pursuit is available on ten plus (10+) live streaming platforms.
The full list is attached below.
2016 Pursuit Deck


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Reaper 01

Activity: Hog Hunting

With: MAGNOLIA OUTDOORS and 10 of our guests

Dates: June 17-19

Where: Magnolia and Centerville, TX

Ammunition: Reaper .308 AMAX Ultra Match, 300 BLK 110gr CC, 300 BLK 208gr SubSonic, 300 BLK 110gr Nosler, 5.56 64gr & 77gr, and .223 CC



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Reaper 01 and Baby Reaper are headed to Texas tomorrow for a Wild Hog Hunt. If you are a local or are in the area, swing into Magnolia Hunting Supply and see us. They do have Reaper Outdoors Ammunition Now!!!

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