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About The Show

Reaper Outdoors: Survive The Hunt lets you vicariously experience real danger and exciting hunts in your own home

Reaper Outdoors: Survive The Hunt (ROSTH) is the first tactical hunting and survival show ever produced, hosted by active duty Navy SEAL, Master Chief Ron “Reaper-01” Bellan.




The Reaper Team’s idea of a hunt probably differs from yours. They infiltrate using military methods and stalk game using tactical equipment and techniques, efficiently eliminating their target. Reaper01’s elite ethos, skills, and training create an intense and entertaining hunting experience.

“We were on an operation in an undisclosed location in PA. Our target was black bear. One night we decided to make camp to our hunting area. We made a debris shelter using our Kelty tarp, 18 inches of leaves (Bed), and our Beyond Clothing Systems (sleep system). We were close to a bear trail and as we slept our watch (Reaper02) heard movement. We awoke to find several entities surrounding the camp. Due to our preparation the team was able to stay safe in a wild and dangerous environment.” stoically explained Ron “Reaper01” Bellan

Throughout his career in Special Operations Reaper-01 has had access to the best in combat technology and weapon systems available. Now he brings some of those same battle forged tools to bear on his targets, creating a unique style of hunt you won’t see anywhere else.

“ROSTH is the only Tactical /Hunting/ Survival show out there. We want to show people that you can go out there and not only survive but thrive in any environment. You just need the right knowledge and gear, and a no quit attitude.” stated the shows Producer, Doug “Reaper-02” Datish

From the frozen mountains of South Dakota to the putrid swamps of North Carolina, Team Reaper dominates their prey in some of the harshest environments that the United States has to offer. With only the weapons and supplies they can carry, the team sets out on their mission. When challenged by the wild, Reaper01 leads the charge and teaches the skills necessary to Survive The Hunt.

The shows Chief Editor Jon “Reaper-03” Bellan says “Fans should watch ROSTH to see how the Reaper Team achieves Mission Success. We strive to entertain people and demonstrate a new way to hunt that is adventurous and educational. We want people to have as much fun watching us as we did while out on the operation.”

Watch Survive the Hunt on Sportsman Channel (USA) Tuesdays at 7pm EST and on WildTV (CAN/ EUR) at 8:30pm CST from December 30, 2014 — July 1, 2015.

An interactive Internet community of Survive The Hunt fans discuss the show, their passion for hunting, and tactical weaponry through social media channels Twitter, Facebook and ReaperOutdoors.com

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