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Reaper Outdoors


Reaper Outdoors is the official brand behind the hit series “Survive The Hunt,” the first Tactical/Hunting/Survival show. The Reaper Team will show you how to live the Reaper Lifestyle. Become a part of Reaper Nation.


Season 6 Episode List

Episodes 1 – 6

» Louisiana Hog Hunt
» Florida Turkey Hunt
» Texas Turkey Hunt
» Reaper Outdoors Survival Show
» Evolution Of Reaper Outdoors
» SOWW (Special Operations Wounded Warrior) Hog Hunt

Episodes 7 – 12

» Repeat Shows From Above

Episode 13

» Main Bear Hunt


List of guiding services used by the Reaper Team:

» Eagle Mountain Guide Service: (Where we hunt bears in Maine)
» Smith Ranch: (Where we hunt Hogs in Texas)
» Cola Blanca Ranch: (Where we hunt Deer in Texas)
» Lazy J: (Marcus Lutrell’s Ranch where we hunt)



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