Reaper Tough Mudder Workout Program

This past Saturday I ran in the Tough Mudder Ohio event. It was my second Tough Mudder (Last Year’s Video). I ran in the same event last year and this year’s event, at least on Saturday, was a different animal. The weather was cold, and the course was incredibly muddy. It rained all week, and it rained quite hard the day of the event. All of that being said,

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Reaper-02 on the blog,

If you are like me you have spend a fair amount of your life sitting. We all do. You sit to eat, watch Survive the Hunt, work, use the computer, travel in a vehicle, etc. The question that I have begun to explore is…Should we be sitting as much as we do.

I first heard about this question from a guy named Kelly Starrett.

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Reaper02 on the blog.

Before I went to bed last night I checked the weather report. It said it was going to be a decently warm morning. However, when I awoke it was anything but warm. In fact it was about 37 deg and raining. The rain was not a mist, but those overly large drops that make you almost jump when one hits you square on the head.

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Reaper Nation,

Check out our latest video from Reaper-01. In this video he tells you about one of our secret weapons to our success out in the field. These are the products from . Check out the video, get some of their great products. We love them and use them everyday. You can save yourself 10% on all supplements by using the promo code: REAPER. Also,

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