Seal Legacy Foundation


The SEAL Legacy Foundation is dedicated to supporting the United States Navy SEAL community. As operational deployments across the world continue to increase, the SEALs and their families need our support now more than ever. These soldiers, their spouses and their children all make daily sacrifices to defend our nation. The SEAL Legacy Foundation works to preserve the SEAL Legacy of NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. The Foundation focuses support on Education, Funeral, Health & Wellness, Living and Quality of Life expenses for the SEALs and their families.



SOWW, Special Operations Wounded Warriors, was formed for the sole purpose of recognizing both active duty and veteran members of our United States Special Operations Forces with charitable outdoor events. SOWW recognizes that as the war on terrorism continues, Special Operations Forces will be facing new challenges all too frequently. In fact, we feel there has never been a greater need for Special Operations Forces than right now. Special Operations will continue to be the force of choice, time and time again, as America attempts to protect the homeland, and pursues those that wish to harm her throughout the globe.



“Hawk’s Locks for Kids,” is an organization established by Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk and his wife, Laura.  Hawk, known for his golden locks peeking out from underneath his helmet every Sunday, has cut his famous ‘do’ to raise money and collect donated hair for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

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