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Here at Reaper Outdoors we try and shed light on pieces of gear that make living the Reaper Lifestyle easier or better in some way. This app is not a physical piece of gear, but it definitely makes your life both easier and better. This piece of kit is part of your personal mobile communication system, in my case that would be my iPhone, however this app is available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

What is Tripit?

Tripit is a travel plan consolidator. It allows you to keep all of your travel plans like flights,hotels,rental cars, directions, etc all in one single place. If you are anything like me you either print out your confirmations or you keep them in your email on your phone. If you travel as much as I do, it is a pain in the ass to keep them all straight. This app takes that organizational nightmare off of your plate. Once you have signed up for an account (its Free) you simply forward all of your confirmation emails from flights, hotels, rental cars, etc to the Tripit email address. From there it is sent to your Tripit app on your phone already organized. Once it is in the Tripit app you can set up all types of things, like flight reminders, directions, basically anything you want. All of the information you require is there for you to access at any time. Also, it can alert you about delayed flights, weather reports, and directions to your various destinations. It is truly a one stop app on your phone or tablet.

Best part about this App and its service is that it is completely Free from the various applications store. Download the App, learn to use it, and begin hassle free travel information consolidation and tracking. Tell them the Reaper Team sent you and how much you enjoy the application.

Big shout out to our friend Mike E. at Aerowing for showing me this application. It has already made my travel life much better.

Get the app and let us know what you think.

Bonus Travel Tip: click on the “New Mood” Banner on the Bottom. Trust me this stuff will definitely make you feel better about life on a long flight.

Reaper-02…. Out.

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