One of your most important assets when hunting is your feet. Think of it this way, your feet are your body’s wheels. In this blog, I am going to talk about basic foot care for the environment. If you can manage to keep your feet dry, and if not dry keep them clean, you will go far.

Whether you are in a Hot, Dry, Wet, Cold, Flat, or Hilly environment, you have to know two things, boots and Socks

Take care of your feet before they get sore or blisters. One of the key preventions is to take walks in the boots and socks you are going to hunting in. This will break in the boots and toughen your feet. Condition your feet for the hunt you are going to be on. We find our selves standing a lot when hunting, and then we are walking a lot. Both boot break in and toughening up the feet are important.

This is an item that is overlooked by a lot of hunters and outdoorsmen. Remember this, “Cotton Kills.” So true, when it comes to socks. When you are choosing a sock it’s all about the environment you are going to be in. We use Darn Tough socks. They not only allow warmth in the winter, but wick the sweat away when we are moving. When I am back packing into an area, I wear a light Darn Tough sock, then when I am going to be moving less and standing more, I put on a thicker sock.

Remember, your feet still need room in the boot. If the sock is taking up to much room, there will be no room for your foot and slows down your circulation. I wear a thin liner under my socks some times to prevent chafing and to wick the moisture away from my feet. Socks make the boot. In cold weather, I like wearing a heavy wool sock that covers my calf. This keeps the blood flow warm as it goes into my feet.

There are many boots and many brands. Some are good and some are crappy. I always say you get what you pay for. Most important, you want a boot that fits your feet. I am listing brands I have used this last year and like. Danner has been my winter go to boot. They have a great product that last a long time. Under Armor has a great boot for Archery. It has proven itself in durability and comfort.

Some people think the more Thinsulate the better (NOT TRUE). You need a solid, waterproof boot that has just enough Thinsulate. I have found that my SOCK is the warming component and how much I’ll be moving factors in as well. If I am not walking that far, I will have more Thinsilate. If I am doing a lot of moving, Less Thinsilate and worry about the socks I wear. A 400-grain Thinsilate boot and a solid pair of Darn Tough wool socks will keep your feet surprisingly warm.

When I am working in a hot, dry environment, I like a light durable boot. It is great to have a boot that breaths. A light sock and a pair of Under Armor Speed Freeks work perfect. I’ve use them in the desert of Texas and the swamps of North Carolina.

I am just giving you the basics. If you want me to break it down to a boot blog and a sock blog, just comment and let me know.

Remember: Take care of your feet and your feet will take care of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog.

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