Operation Urban Whitetail Preview and Airings

Operation Urban Whitetail Preview and Airings

Reaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt is set to debut the “Operation Urban Whitetail” episode. It will air at 7pm EST on the Sportsman Channel on Tuesday January 6, 2015. Also, it will air at 9:30PM EST on WildTV on Tuesday January 6, 2015. Here is a quick taste of this exciting tactical/ urban archery hunt we did in Reaper-02 aka. @DougDatish hometown in Ohio.

We had a great time making this episode. We want to thank all those wonderful people that made this episode possible. We appreciate the lodging from the Boss and Lady-Di. We want to thank Ron and Frannie for allowing us to hunt their lands. Also, we want to thank the Pilots Bill and John for inserting us and letting us use their birds. We are especially proud to show you some of Chef Tod Wentz’s work. He was recently named Philadelphia’s best chef for his work at his amazing restaurant Townsend. Let us confirm he is a true master of his craft. Congrats Tod! Its people like the folks mentioned above that allow us to make these types of hunts possible.

We want to thank everyone that has made it possible. We are lucky to have the best Partners and fans in the world. You are the Reaper Nation, and we can not wait to show you what we have been up to during this Season of Reaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt. Make sure you tell your friends and set your DVR’s. You are not going to want to miss an episode.

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