.223 Remington 55gr. HP Controlled Chaos


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Quick Overview

  • Velocity: 3100 Feet per Second
    • 20 Barrel
  • Muzzle Energy: 1173.51 Ft/Lbs
  • At an Elevation Angle of: 0 degrees
  • Ballistic Coefficients of: 0.260
  • Firearm/Trajectory Intersect: 100 yards
  • Wind Direction is: 0.0 o’clock
  • Wind Velocity of: 0.0 Miles per hour
  • Wind Components are Miles per Hour:
    • DownRange: 0.0
    • Cross Range: 0.0
    • Vertical: 0.0
  • The Firing Point Speed Of Sound Is: 1132.09 fps
    • The bullet does not drop below the speed within the max range specified.
  • Altitude: 1000 Feet
  • Humidity: 78%
  • Pressure: 29.53 in/Hg
  • Temperature: 70° F
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Product Description

CONTROLLED CHAOS AMMUNITION is the premier, all brass bullet providing maximum accuracy from advanced manufacturing.

Extraordinary knockdown power created from the projectile bursting into smaller particles at a lesser penetration depth, but dynamically results in a greater initial energy transfer. This creates a massive energy spike to shock your target and shutdown it’s circulatory and central nervous system. These features produce an exceptional choice for small and big game hunting, while providing an excellent option for personal and home defense.

Founded by Retired Navy Seal Master Chief, Ron “Reaper 01” Bellan, Reaper Outdoors Ammunition incorporates the most advanced ballistic innovation into every round produced.
All Reaper Ammunition cartridges are assembled from high performance components, with quality control checks in place to ensure your highest expectations are exceeded with every round fired. Known for its accuracy and reliability, Reaper Ammunition is the premier choice in high quality ammunition used for hunting and self-defense.

RangeVelocityEnergyBullet PathBullet PathWind DriftWind DriftFlight Time
YardsFt/SecFt/LbsInches1 MoAInches1 MoASeconds

CONTACT: Reaper Outdoors

844-815-6777 • Info@reaperoutdoors.com

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