SEASON 4: Operation Stone

SEASON 4: Operation Stone

Undisclosed, South Dakota


Target: Barbadoe, Desert Dragon, Prairie Dogs

Location: Undisclosed, Texas

Synopsis: Operation Stone was a sheep hunt in South Dakota. We flew into Denver and drove to a ranch outside of Custer. The environment was windy and warm in the daytime and windy and cold at night. Temperatures ranged from upper-30s at night to the Mid-80s during the day. We lived out of our 3-day Linchpin packs from Camelbak. Since we had a limited duration of 3 days and 3 nights in the field, we didn’t need a lot.





Airline ticket
Wallet Civilian Clothes
(2) pants
(2) long sleeve shirts
(2) Short sleeve shirts
Jacket (Outdoor Research)


Mathews Bow: Solo cam, Drenalin, 30”draw, 70# (Ackley and sons)
Arrows: Beman Hunter Elites (Ackley and sons)
Broad-Heads: 125 gr. RAGE (Ackley and sons)
Long Rifle, 7MM WSM (Ackley and sons)
Winchester 140 Gr Ballistic Silvertip (Ackley and sons)
Pistol: S&W .357 Magnum


Concealed weapons permit
Knife (Tidewater Tactical)
Multi tool (Tidewater Tactical)
Head lamp (Stream light)
Fire kit
Snack (your choice)
Compass – Silva Ranger (Tidewater Tactical)
GPS Garmin Rhino with headset (Tidewater Tactical)

Chap Stick

Survival kit (spread throw-out cloths)
Cover/Hat (Outdoor Research)
Warm Gloves (Outdoor Research)
Boots (Tidewater Tactical)
Eye Pro (Smith Optics)
Ear Pro (Tidewater Tactical)

Hunting Pack

“Travel light and freeze at night”
Camelbak (Camelbak)
Nalgene bottle
Rangefinder (Ackley’s and Son’s)
Flash light (Stream light)
550 cord (Tidewater Tactical)
Rubber bands
Rain gear (Beyond Clothing)
Med kit (include meds)
Riggers Tape

Roll of Camo Form (McNett)

(2) Snack pack
(2) MRE
(2) Instant oatmeal packets
(2) 1-gal ziplock bags
(2) small ziplock bags

Extra Batteries
AA batteries
AAA batteries
3V batteries

Sleep Sytem

No sleeping bag (Since we are trying to minimize pack-bloat)
Puffy system (Beyond Clothing) or (Outdoor Research)
PT pad cut down to fit (Thermarest)
Cup to boil water (I will have one)
Wall Creeper (Outdoor Research)

Beyond Layer system Multi Cam (Beyond Clothing)
Under shirt (Outdoor Research)
Under pants (Beyond Clothing)
OR Igneo Jacket (Outdoor Research)
(2) pair of socks (Darn Tough)
Camp Gear
TP and Baby wipes- unscented (in ziplock)
Douche kit
Non-scented Soap (McNett)
Non-scented deodorant
Repair kit + Sewing kit (McNett)
Trash bags
Towel (McNett)

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