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Navy Seal, Retired Master Chief, Ron "Reaper 01" Bellan

My overall Lifestyle comes from our family values and a life time of experiences. From living off the land when I was a young man to the battlefield of Iraq and Afghanistan. I not only bring my professional experiences into my current lifestyle, but my personal experiences play a big role in all of my adventures. From surviving the outdoors, TV, and Speaking engagements, I hold nothing back. I believe we should learn from others both good and bad and pass this on for others to be successful and make up their own minds in their personal and professional life.

There is nothing like the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) theory. We all like to think our ideas are better and our way is best for all. Sometimes we should all stick to the basics and we will find ourselves running a smoother ship. Surround yourself with good people both at work and in our private life. Treat each day like the last and plan for the future. Always keep your head toward the Horizon and the rest will follow. Life is to be enjoyed and the person you are is decided by what you do when people aren’t watching.


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